Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Rest in Peace, Marvin Hamlisch

Dish's appreciation of Hamlisch was tainted by a family member who thought his tunes sappy and overblown. You can't deny Hamlisch changed the world with his music. My favorite soundtrack of his was The Mirror Has Two Faces A Chorus Line. He made some magic.

In lesser news, Rob Kardashian is going to law school, which is awesome. A Kardashian choosing education over "the scene?" I'm feeling dizzy, though a noxious cold still controls my system. TG's first words to me this morning, "Your cold isn't as bad as mine. I have strep AND a virus." This after I said good morning and no sound came out.

Movie appreciation: Friends with Kids. I'm always reluctant to see a Jennifer Westfeldt flick because of The Voice. Adored Kissing Jessica Stein though her whining got to me. FwK is utterly adorable and so is Westfeldt, mellow yet perky. It's kinda predictable but a sweet escape. She looks different from every other Hollywood actress. She is different -- writes, acts and directs. Who has the energy for that? In this one, you'll find some NYC indie mainstays such as Ed Burns Turlington, Don Draper, Adam Scott and Maya Rudolph. Watch it for a touching, easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl experience.

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John Haracopos said...

I'm quite sad over the passing of Marvin. Mr. Hamlisch and his most incredible wife Terre, were clients of mine some years back and I will always remember him for his genuinely honest approach to the world at large and then for his talent.
As for Jennifer Westfeldt; another former client, there really aren't any nice words to describe the whining, clawing, self-important koos that she is.... Not to mention chubby. yes before the anorexia and botox, she had quite the belly hanging over her busting jeans and worn-out shoes.... I will not dispute the talent she does have but I'm quite worried that her success has only made her worse... she was so nasty...