Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Roast of Roseanne

I wasn't a big watcher of Roseanne (it was a little too real for Dish) but I appreciate all the good that Roseanne Barr has contributed to this world. She does have one of the best laughs in existence. Hillary Clinton's boozy bar laugh is a close #2. The celebrity roasts are really really mean, not with light fun-poking, but mean and wounding zingers. I kinda hate them.

Here's the rundown of Roseanne roast's jokes:

Wayne Brady: He's black, potentially gay, talented but no career. Mostly just black--hahahahaha
Carrie Fisher: Druggie, was Princess Leia, now insane. What happened? ahahahahahaha
All the women over 50: Menopause, hahahhahahaha
Seth Green: He's short, hahahahahhhahahaha

But then, there was Jane Lynch. As you know, I can't resist her. She's like that cupcake I see in the window and must have. I read her book, watched all her movies, only tolerate Glee for her (and Darren Criss!!). Jane is the greatest. When I found out she was roastmistress, I had to see. Of course, Jane got the lesbian/vagina jokes.

The main reason to watch was Tom Arnold, Roseanne's ex. If you were conscious in the 90s, you saw the wild chemistry between them, like two firecrackers on an endless 4th of July bender. Tom is hilarious (Exit Wounds!) and I loved them together. Their divorce was a nightmare. So the fact that he would appear on stage with her after 18 years of bad blood gave me goosebumps. He did not disappoint with his light teasing and final acknowledgment of how Roseanne changed his life. Worth it for those few minutes. And Gilbert Gottfried.

Maybe there's hope for all of us to get along.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the summer brilliant.

Dish said...

Awww, thanks for that. made Dish's day!