Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dish Has Strep


I've been too busy showing off my new squeaky voice to follow the stars. But I did find a few gems. Country legend Randy Travis was busted for DWI...naked. Living out of the limelight can be crushing. Maybe he could write a country song about the experience. Superskinnygorgeousblondactress Kate Bosworth, who made most people furious with her dating Alex Skarshunk, got engaged to director Michael Polish. Sometimes you just know. Right, Kate? Now get her bony ass out of my sight.

Joan Rivers proved herself a genius workhorse once again by staging a big hissy at Costco because the superstore didn't carry her book. This hissy boosted her book sales. Dishfriend read the book and said it was just too damn mean.

Just now, TG pointed to the screen during a televised celebrity party and said, "There's Icky Marmain!" For two seconds, Dish thought this was a real person. He tortures me.

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