Thursday, August 09, 2012

Jersey Boys Again!!!

Dish is attending a play with Dishmama and her friends. Sadly, Dish is still streppy but not contagious. I have a voice, albeit a little Babs meets Lauren Bacall. There are concerns that I might cough too loud (valid) or seem too sick, thereby not presenting myself in the best light, so I'm voiding my mucus now and timing my coughs for appropriate intervals. TG is charmed by the whole thing. Marriage is a process of discovery. Just the idea that I'll be listening/seeing Jersey Boys gives me non-fever chills of excitement.

In the news, I guess Kanye feels that Kim is his "perfect bitch" and she's all over that. I'm sorry, people, even with this perfect endearment, my warm cockles aren't believing this romance is anything but a sham. I'd need to see raw sex tape footage.

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DM said...

Thank you, Dish. A great time was had by all.