Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh Oh Oh Oh!

That's my homage to Welcome Back Kotter's Ron Palillo aka Horshack who died at age 63 (heart attack, I'm reading). Will the stars just stay alive, please? The wheels on this treadmill are too fast for Dish. With gnashing shark teeth, the year 2012 has devoured so many of my idols. Rest in peace, dear Ron.

As I watched wicked Chris sleep with two women within the course of last night's Bachelor Pad, I realized ew and that my obsession with the show must be inherent misogyny and self-loathing. So why the giddiness? The women on the show (except for Lyndzi and Sarah) are pretty heinous. The men, more affable. There's an obvious disparity between the sexes. So why can't I boycott this candy?

Oh...and if you hadn't noticed: 10 more days until I see Duran Duran again! TG is escorting me to Connecticut, will walk me to the hall but refuses to attend (IMAGINE!).Knowing him, he will inadvertently run into Simon Le Bon and they'll become lifelong friends. THIS IS HOW FATE WORKS. Please, anyone and everyone, if you know them, tell them Dish has waited 30 years for a handshake and a chance to say thank you. Until then, I'll dance and lose my voice screaming. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/showbiz/2012/08/07/cnn-music-duran-duran.cnn. In this area of life, I will always be 14.

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