Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Does Tom Hanks Have Pig Nipples?

Given the obsession with female mammary glands, maybe we can create balance by probing revered icon Tom Hanks's breasts. A beloved reader asserts he has pig nipples. Dish doesn't notice the pepperoni slice so much as musculature, fur or flatness. But it might be true. You decide. Thanks to my friend for bringing this important issue to light. In the long run, they are all udders filled with fat.


HersheyKiss said...

We must put the nippleage in chronological perspective, and factor in circumstances. First, the photo is from over 10 years ago ... correct? (You're the Hollywood iconness, not I.) Second, the male nipple, when fondled incessantly and/or following time, particularly times of weight gain and loss, can get a bit piggish. Add cold water, and the extended nipple, hardened by the cold, has the potential to cut most non-metalic surfaces. Now, if you want to see some major pig nipples, check out Benjamin Bratt (sp?) in Miss Congeniality, while he is (again, like Mr. Hanks) in the swimming pool. Since Sandra Bullock movies are a staple of travel via Mexican busses, I've seen this one multiple times, literally from sea to shining sea.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin bratts nipples are too hot!!!!!